Got Brain Fog? Here’s How Alcohol Affects Your Dopamine and Reward System

foggy brain after drinking

If you or someone you know suffers from alcohol use disorder, Pacific Crest Trail Detox is here to offer quality, budget-friendly, and compassionate assistance. Learn more about their detox programs and how they can help you lift that brain fog. Experiencing brain fog from alcohol withdrawal is part of your recovery journey. And when you refrain from drinking alcohol, it takes a toll on this body organ. For instance, cessation can trigger an imbalance in your brain’s chemicals, leading to cognitive disturbances and instability. Alcohol abuse can cause brain fog by inhibiting the energy metabolism of our brain’s neurons.

  • Some scientists theorize that alcohol-induced confusion comes from increased inflammation around the brain cells.
  • When we’re dehydrated, our brain function can become significantly impaired.
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  • A few ibuprofen and a massive glass of water can cure your basic hangover symptoms, but brain fog after drinking isn’t always so easy to shake.
  • People with severe addictions or a long history of alcohol misuse may suffer serious withdrawal symptoms when quitting.

The Connection Between Alcohol and Brain Fog

foggy brain after drinking

Blackouts are common with heavy drinking, which can result in side effects of alcohol after use. Your head seems to be in the cloud after binge drinking with your siblings. This morning you’ve lost your phone, keys, and charger all within an hour.

Can You Sober Up Fast? Understanding Alcohol Metabolism

  • According to a 2010 analysis, 35–81% of people who seek treatment for a TBI are intoxicated.
  • Just be sure to avoid sugary drinks as they can actually worsen brain fog.
  • Dr. Le most recently served as Chief Medical Officer of Optum Home and Community Care.

Those first early days of recovery can sometimes feel like you aren’t making much progress. In fact, you may find that instead of floating on a pink cloud, you feel like you are trying to see through one. Brain fog is a common withdrawal alcohol withdrawal brain fog symptom that can interfere with your ability to think clearly. You may worry that you will never feel normal again, and it is very common for people in early recovery to wonder if they’ve done irreversible damage to their brain.

What Is the Best Way to Treat Alcohol-Related Brain Fog?

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Ways to Improve Your Dopamine Levels

Cleanse Your Body

foggy brain after drinking